Launch of our new website

Vår vision har alltid varit att vi ska erbjuda kvalitet och kundupplevelser i värlOur vision has always been to offer world-class quality and customer experience for the Swedish engineering industry. That’s why we can now proudly present our new website, which clearly communicates who we are, what we stand for and what we deliver. Together with the marketing agency Adgrowth, we have taken a comprehensive approach to our brand as part of clarifying our strengths and our position on the market. We’ve worked on developing our communication, updated our graphical profile and made it easier for you as customer to understand who we are.dsklass för svensk verkstadsindustri. Därför kan vi nu stolt presentera vår nya webbsida som tydligt förmedlar vilka vi är, vad vi står för och vad vi levererar. Tillsammans med marknadsbyrån Adgrowth har vi tagit ett helhetsgrepp kring vårt varumärke som ett led i att förtydliga våra styrkor och vår position på marknaden. Vi har arbetat med att utveckla vår kommunikation, uppdaterat vår grafiska profil och gjort det enklare för dig som kund att förstå vilka vi är.

Easy for our customers

We want to offer our customers the best experience when they contact us, both physically and digitally. With our new website, we’ve made it easier and clearer to find the information you’re looking for, categorised by product group and with clear contact routes. Our aim is for it to be easy for you as a customer to get to know the people behind Techno Skruv and find information about the products we offer.

Excellence in Every Part

For us it’s important that you feel confident that we’ll deliver on our promise. You should feel confident that we can guide you through every part of the purchasing and supply chain, that the products we deliver will be of high quality and that we’ll take extensive responsibility in every part of the project. We offer world-class products and services, or, as we call it: Excellence in Every Part.

A warm welcome to the new Techno Skruv – the same high quality and service but with a new look. Feel free to take a look around our new website and see what you think. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our venture.

Many thanks to Adgrowth for a great collaboration.

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