Cold-forged parts for industry

Cold forging is a quick and materially efficient production method where you plastically deform a metal wire (e.g. steel, stainless, brass, etc.) by hammering out the shape of the product in different steps at room temperature. Since the material structures are reshaped, you also achieve a beneficial increase in strength in the normally critical sections of the product, for example, at diameter transitions.

Some of the subsequent steps before the product is finished may be:

  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Thread rolling
  • Hardening
  • Surface treatment – for both appearance and corrosion requirements

Standard elements and special parts

We offer a wide selection of cold forged parts, such as screws, nuts, bushings, rivets, shafts and wooden and plastic screws. Our fasteners range from standard parts to more advanced cold-forged special parts for various industries

High delivery reliability

We attach great importance to ensuring a high degree of delivery reliability. With our extensive experience and our routine in the trade of parts and fasteners, we have a natural focus on reliable logistics. We have produced a logistics solution that minimises deficiencies and ensures delivery reliability.

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