Customised solutions and standard range

You can rely on our knowledge, experience and technical competence. With a tried and tested work structure and routine, we take a comprehensive responsibility to ensure the right component in the right place and in the best design. If necessary, our dedicated employees will guide you through a purchasing process that can otherwise be experienced as complicated and time-consuming – where our task is to make it easy.

With our knowledge and technical expertise, we identify, evaluate and manage the contact with our world-leading suppliers. Our assessment is based on how well the supplier meets your needs, for example, regarding:

  • Product quality
  • Material
  • Design
  • Price
  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Delivery reliability

Quality and reliability

We actively undertake to ensure that our products and collaboration are of the highest quality. We use carefully selected world-class suppliers. During the process and before delivery, our products are quality checked several times. In the event of complaints or faults, our salespeople with responsibility for the project will help and manage the entire process.

Customised solutions

We offer personal and tailor-made solutions. For us it’s about building up a deep understanding of your business, wishes and priorities. Based on this we use our knowledge to adapt our solutions and ensure that we meet all needs and requirements in the best way possible.

Techno Skruv offers warehousing with call-off orders according to your company’s unique needs. This means that we take care of the logistics and stock the desired item volumes by agreement. When the need then arises for the delivery of these items, we are on hand to help quickly. This gives your company both secure delivery reliability and flexible warehousing according to your needs. This also contributes to a more efficient and flexible logistics and supply chain, because your company avoids unnecessary transport, reduces the risk of production stoppages and does not need to pay for excess storage space.

We also combine our knowledge and personal service with digital communication and forecasting systems that facilitate the purchasing process for your company. By continually being updated on your unique delivery needs and forecasts, we help with reminders and purchase suggestions. This ensures that you always have the right components in stock when needed. 5 With automated assistance, you receive efficient management and secure logistics, which both facilitates your processes and saves valuable time, which you as a company can invest in your core business instead.

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