Joined parts – pre-assembled products

A product often consists of several components, and we are happy to help you fit or assemble parts. In this way, you can purchase one item number instead of several and achieve a more efficient logistics flow.

Benefits of joined parts:

  1. Pre-assembled joined parts save you time during the assembly process. Instead of needing to assemble several components individually, you can use pre-assembled units for quick and easy installation.
  2. Pre-assembled parts reduce the risk of incorrect assembly or missed components. By having the parts pre-joined, you reduce the risk of incorrect assembly and therefore also the risk of faults in the final product or design.
  3. By using joined parts, you can streamline productivity in the assembly process. The workflow becomes smoother, which can result in faster production times and lower costs.
  4. Joined parts allow you to perform thorough quality checks beforehand. This makes it possible to identify and rectify any quality problems or defects before products reach the end customer.
  5. Choosing joined parts reduces the number of separate components that need to be purchased and handled. This can simplify purchasing and warehousing by reducing the number of different products that need to be monitored and handled.

Examples of joined parts:

  • Adjustable foot with fitted nuts
  • Cylindrical shaft with pre-assembled O-ring
  • Tap with welded chain and pin

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