Pre-packaged kits – supplement with ready-made kits

We offer solutions that supplement your own production or the end-user’s ability to easily manage their assembly. If you order several different parts, we can help you by packing them in ready-made kits, both the parts we supply to you and the parts you provide to us. Through various collaboration partners, we have the ability to handle packing kits in bags, boxes, plastic boxes, etc.

Benefits of pre-packaged kits

  1. Pre-packaged kits both save you time and make the purchase and assembly process easier.
  2. With pre-packaged kits, you ensure that all the parts you need for a certain application are available to you and that they are compatible with each other. This reduces the risk of choosing the wrong components or having compatibility problems.
  3. Having components gathered into one kit makes your workflow and assembly process easier because you reduce the number of purchases and your administrative work and you only need to handle a single kit.
  4. Pre-packaged kits streamline your company’s warehousing. Instead of having separate stock levels for each component, you can have uniform warehousing for each pre-packaged kit, which can reduce warehousing costs and facilitates the inventory.

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