Code of conduct

Techno Skruv shall develop and maintain a profitable, long-term sustainable and ethical business. Techno Skruv's business is based on long-standing and strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

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Technoskruv - Code of conduct

Corporate social responsibility

Techno Skruv should be regarded as a reliable and responsible company that always lives up to its commitments. We use long-term business relationships as the basis for creating added value for our customers, employees and suppliers.

Techno Skruv's operations are conducted according to the following principles:

  • We shall always behave in a way that prevents conflict arising between the interests of the company and the interests of the employees.
  • We shall conduct all aspects of our business in a legally correct manner.
  • We shall respect and comply with obligations to employees under national laws and social protection agreements.
  • We reject child labour and forced labour.
  • We offer our employees equal opportunities regardless of age, colour, gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or ethnic origin.
  • We do not accept discrimination or harassment.
  • We offer a safe, healthy and legal working environment and strive to achieve systematic improvement.
  • Our products must meet legal requirements.
  • We shall work with suppliers who share our values and comply with the legal requirements of their home countries, including laws on child labour and other workers' rights.
Technoskruv - Code of conduct

Overarching principles

The motivation and drive of our employees to deliver good results, the interaction with our business partners and with the world at large are crucial to our success. Our business is based on good ethics and a strong respect for all individuals, both within the company and in external contacts.

Techno Skruv has a long history of responsible business, which is a commitment to the future. Our business concept and strategies shall support good environmental efforts and a social commitment.


Long-term relationships between customers and suppliers are based on mutual trust and respect. Our employees shall always be perceived as good representatives of the company and of society.

Good ethics means that we always maintain a safe margin to the limit of what is acceptable. The boundaries are not always obvious, but we have to rely on our good judgement and common sense.

Techno Skruv's business is conducted according to the following principles:

  • We shall behave honestly
  • We keep our promises
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