Cold forming workpieces for industry

Cold forming is a fast & resource-efficient method of production, where a metal wire (e.g. steel, stainless steel, brass, etc.) is plastically shaped at room temperature by hammering the shape of the product in different steps. By reshaping the material structure, an advantageous increase in strength is also obtained in the normally critical sections of the product, e.g. at diameter transitions.

Some of the subsequent steps before the product is finished can be:
• drilling
• turning
• milling
• threading
• hardening
• surface treatment - for both appearance & corrosion requirements

Standard element & special workpieces

We can offer a wide range of cold forming workpieces, such as screws, nuts, bushings, rivets, shafts, wood and sheet metal screws. Our fasteners range from standard workpieces to more advanced cold formed special workpieces for various industries.

Delivery to Sweden and the world

We supply workpieces to an international market and our extensive experience enables us to deliver cold-headed parts with precision and quality.

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